Welcome to Three Strikes You're In

How I evolved from cancer patient to cancer survivor is the crux of my book. I decided not to take my diagnosis as a death sentence, but instead, as a bridge to a new way of life. I set positive goals for myself and created a healthy environment for my body and mind to thrive in. Read more

About Rusty Russo

While convalescing, for many months at home, I became a certified personal trainer, and have dedicated myself to showing others how to do the same. I began a cancer survivors training class, and help people from age 30 to 74 reprogram their minds for success. My amazing life and battle with this insidious disease set me on a path of healing that I have been called to share with others. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

March 3, 1991: that was the date Wende and I got married. I could never forget that date because every time the Rodney King beating is replayed, the video shows 3/3/ 91. So we were getting hitched and King was getting the crap kicked out of him on that beautiful March day. Read more

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