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March 3, 1991: that was the date Wende and I got married. I could never forget that date because every time the Rodney King beating is replayed, the video shows 3/3/ 91. So we were getting hitched and King was getting the crap kicked out of him on that beautiful March day.

We had bad weather all week long, and the weather reports pre­dicted torrential rain and wind for our nuptials. We were getting mar­ried outside, on the waterfront of a restaurant on the great south bay of Massapequa, Long Island. But when Sunday came, it turned out to be sunny, in the seventies, and absolutely a great day for a wedding on the water.

It was the second time around for the both of us. I had been divorced for fourteen years, and she was a young widow. We had about seventy-five people for a Sunday brunch. My son, from my first marriage, was my best man and her sister was her maid of honor. We didn’t have a band or a D.J., just a jukebox with fantastic songs. We adopted “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison, as our official wed­ding song. Everyone at the party had a great time. We sang and danced and ate up a storm. It was a great day for Wende and me. We could only hope for a happy and healthy life together.

We left for our honeymoon two days later. We split the week with three days in Disney World and four days in St. Thomas. Wende liked Disney World. She’s a kid at heart. I liked it to a degree, but my feet were killing me from all the walking you have to do.

When we finally arrived at St. Thomas, I couldn’t wait to just kick back and hang at the pool with a cocktail. We had great weather the entire time there. The food was excellent and the people were super friendly. We stayed at the Frenchman’s Reef, the nicest place on the island. One night the waiters and waitresses and all the rest of the staff put on a musical review that was spectacular. We had dinner and watched as they sang and danced and put on one of the best shows ever. At dinner we had a warm spinach salad with bacon dressing. To this day, we haven’t been able to duplicate it anywhere.

Going to both places turned out to be a perfect selection. Taking a honeymoon was an unexpected treat. Not that we didn’t want one, but being that it was the second time around for the both of us, we were keeping things light.

When we arrived home, we had taken an apartment on the first floor of a high ranch on the water. It was perfect for the two of us to get started on our journey together. I used to try to fish off the canal, in the back; it was very relaxing.

We lived there for a year or so. Then Wende got pregnant with Nick. We figured that we could keep Nick in the bedroom with us for a while. There was a small pantry room off the front that I converted into a room for him. I put his crib in there and dresser, and he was good to go. This would keep us in check during the upcoming apart­ment hunt.

I wasn’t looking forward to finding a two-bedroom apartment. They were hard to come by, and we weren’t ready to buy a house yet. We were still saving up the down payment.

Well anyway, being married again, and having another child was truly a new beginning for me. My first marriage lasted seven...